unboxED sip & sparkle deluxe

unboxED sip & sparkle deluxe

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All the things we love about the original sip & sparkle, with some added sweetness! Bubbles to sip, gourmet popcorn to nosh, indulgent chocolate to savour, and a candle to perfectly set the mood - all good things to ring in the New Year, elevate a date night, or treat someone you care about (including yourself!). This sip & sparkle deluxe includes:


Outset Sparkling Wine (2)

An innovative, premium sparkler from Between The Lines Winery in Niagara-on-the-Lake. In the glass, it is pale gold, with a fine-textured mousse. Expect forward aromas of peach, nectarine and citrus fruit leading to a palate that is lively and fresh. Delicious with your favourite appetizers & snacks.

"We like a good sparkling - especially packed so conveniently in an easy to serve can. Pour into a flute to enjoy on it's own, or concoct your very own favourite sparkling cocktail. And if you happen to drink it from the can, you do you - we won't judge." 

EATABLE Popcorn Pop the Champagne

The richness of premium Belgian white chocolate is balanced by subtle toasty, almond-like flavour notes from the Champagne infusion. Sprinkled with sugar crystals... pause for a moment and feel those sugar crystals POP! 

“Such an innovative spin, with classic refinement! We love this artisan hand-crafted, kettle-popped creation. While the resealable packaging ensures this snack stays fresh, it's hard not to find the bottom of the bag in one sitting.”

MIMO Warm Soirée Candle

Made of 100% soy based wax and lead free cotton wicks, this soft sultry scent combines the sensual notes of amber with vanilla and a hint of musk to create the perfect ambience of both warmth and allure for your next soiree.

"The care that goes into a Mimo candle is evident; from the non-toxic materials they use, to the naturally derived fragrance combinations. We think these are just the perfect mood-setters, when you want to transport the senses and enjoy the moment."

LaRochelle Confections

Dark + Fleur de Sel: Sustainably sourced 70% Dark Chocolate balanced with a sprinkle of Fleur de Sel de Guerande. An elegant classic & vegan friendly.

"LaRochelle uses the best ingredients to craft quality confections in their Toronto chocolate lab. The gorgeous packaging is only a precursor to the deliciousness inside. We fully support their mantra, 'Fine chocolate should be savoured, not saved'!"

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