unboxED winter warmer

unboxED winter warmer

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Slip on these supple wooly socks, take a load off and sip rich hot cacao, enjoy mouthfuls of crunchy & delicious infused popcorn, and the seasonally perfect scent of the warm candle. It's all someone needs to make those cold winter moments, cozy & enjoyable ones. This winter warmer includes:

Blume Reishi Hot Cacao

Adult hot chocolate from Blume, in Vancouver. Creamy, dark hot chocolate lightly sweetened and heightened with reishi. Designed to promote deep sleep, relaxation and de-stressing. The perfect after dinner drink.

“The rich flavour brings back childhood memories of one of our favourite seasonal sippers, and the added health benefits makes it a good grown up decision.” 

Woodlot Wildwood 8oz Candle

Hailing from Vancouver, these beautiful candles feature woodsy balsam oil, refreshing fir oil, and warming clove oil make this invigorating candle an energizing treat for the senses. Burns for up to 40 hours.

"We think this scent perfectly articulates the seasonal changes outside, and provides such warmth for cozying up indoors." 

EATABLE Popcorn Whisky on the Pops

Delicious Scotch whisky-infused caramel popcorn, made with natural ingredients in Toronto; air-popped whole grain popcorn coated in a luxuriously smooth and crunchy scotch whisky-infused caramel. Double-baked to deliver a perfect, satisfying crunch. 

“Such an innovative and yummy spin on a classic favourite! While the resealable packaging ensures this snack stays fresh, it's hard not to find the bottom of the bag in one sitting.”

North Standard Trading Post Camp Socks Wool in Navy OR Red

This iconic camp sock from North Standard Trading Post is a symbol of coziness, comfort, and the outdoors. Made in Toronto with a warm wool blend, they're perfect for colder days or longer outdoor adventures. 50% Wool, 25% Acrylic, 25% Nylon.

“North Standard Trading Post is such a personal fav of ours, and these socks are a winter MUST! The blend of fabric makes them softer & comfier than typical wool socks. The red is classic, and the navy is such a neutral staple.”

You will also receive the ED&Co. Matches in a Glass Jar in your winter warmer box - strike anywhere matches in a glass jar with cork lid, perfect for display, and igniting your candlelit moments.

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