Crystal Quartz & Amethyst Ornaments
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Crystal Quartz & Amethyst Ornaments

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Crystal Quartz & Amethyst Christmas Ornaments

A cute boho way to decorate your Christmas tree, your home, adorn gifts, top wine bottles with!

Crystal Quartz: For Healing & Spirituality.  Most powerful healing stone on earth.  Energy amplifier.  Develops spirituality.  Assists to reach transcendental states during meditation.

Amethyst: For Intuition & Calm, Peace & Stability.  Neutralises negative energy, calms the mind and spirit.   Facilitates decision making, balances emotional highs and lows.

Gemstones will measure on average 1.5” - 2”.

Please note that since gemstones and wood are natural elements that come from the earth, there can be small variations in their colour, shape, etc.


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